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Websites, SEO and SEM

We Create, host and manage websites in different industries, and we make them visible in search engines like Google and Bing.

As a Webmaster and developer with lots of visitors we make sure to always provide correct quality content on our websites. We try to have that little extra to our readers and produce new relevant content daily.

Our websites is in different language we mostly trying to reach UK and Nordic market, right now we work in igaming and as an responsible affiliate we follow UKGC, MGA and GDPR guidelines in fair marketing online.

Email and Push Marketing

Reach out quickly and to a larger mass of newsletters, with our own design, full overview with statistics and of course 100% GDPR customized.

To reach our visitors interests, we always send out interesting information based on customer groups, much of the information we send are the same as on our websites but summarized and adapted for simplicity. All recipients can always choose if they want to continue to receive newsletters from us or with two simple clicks to unsubscribe.

Social Medias like Facebook

Through social media such as Facebook and Instagram, we can quickly, cost-effectively and regularly communicate with our visitors, or target a campaign message to just the readers we want to reach.

Spread news, inform, advertise with a campaign, recruit or form an opinion. Whether we are on the giant Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat – All platforms have their features and strengths. The conditions change and potential increases as new platforms arise and they are established.

These are some of the ways we use social media at SonioMedia.

Reach Thousands Of Visitors

As a partner to SonioMedia we provide a great amount of traffic to your business.